Shikhar kumar

Advocate - High Court, New Delhi
  • Q: Please tell us something about your take on the changing profession of a Lawyer in the present scenario in India. What is the most striking difference from the time when you joined and now? Earlier, the profession of practicing law was limited to criminal and civil litigation.But now, there is a huge demand for highly skilled lawyers who are adept in the areas of Mergers and acquisition,IPRs, corporate regulations,taxation, FEMA regulations and etc.
  • Q: It is a very common belief that one should join the legal profession only if his parents are lawyers? To what extent is it true or false? I don't agree with the above statement. Any person can become a successful lawyer only if the person has the required zeal and passion for the profession.
  • Q: In your personal opinion, should the lawyers of India be allowed to advertise like they are in the west? If yes/No, then why? Yes, legal advertising should be allowed as a development. It could help the rising number of 1st generation lawyers as well as smaller firms.
  • Q: Who should pursue a career in law? Law should strictly be pursued by the people who genuinely aspire to achieve success in this profession.
  • Q: What is the most important thing to learn to become a great advocate? Apart from sound legal knowledge, entry level lawyers are expected to have good analytical, research, drafting, oral and written communication skills. In addition to the above core skills, a lawyer should have tremendous perseverance.
  • Q: What is your message to other lawyers of our country? Profession of law makes it imperative for lawyers to study deep and wide throughout the career. In addition to this, a lawyer must be able to think quickly and logically.
  • Q: Is LLM an absolute necessity to become a great lawyer? No,it's not necessarily important to pursue LLM after your LLB, but it's always advisable to get an LLM degree for a better prospect and career growth.
  • Q: We have a very small number of female lawyers in India. What is your take on that? Do you want to see more women joining the profession? The present scenario is that the women are joining the profession in droves. I have heard of several law firms, where the number of women outweigh the number of men.


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