Ankit Shah

Advocate - Supreme Court of India
  • Q: Please tell us something about your take on the changing profession of a Lawyer in the present scenario in India. What is the most striking difference from the time when you joined and now? It has been almost 9 years that i have been practicing the legal profession. what i have experienced is that overall liking and craze of entering into this profession has increased. With more students wanting do law more colleges have also opened. Legal studies have become more organised and systematic. The scenario has drastically changed since i joined the profession. I feel striking difference is that, more and more lawyers are going towards corporate wing of the profession, as we also know that with the patience level of people getting reduced, to enter into litigation and struggling for good 7 to 8 years and getting paid less, may be one of the reason for Choosing corporate
  • Q: It is a very common belief that one should join the legal profession only if his parents are lawyers? To what extent is it true or false? Well this belief still exists and it will remain in every profession or business. It is not only specific to legal profession. It obviously helps a person if his/her parents are into same field. But it should not be a reason to not join the profession. If their parents would have also thought so and not joined the profession, they could not have been in a position to opine so. But i think it helps you to a extent if you join the profession your parents are in. I am a first generation lawyer and will surely prove the said belief wrong also to help the coming generation think differently and out of the box.
  • Q: It is commonly said that it takes a minimum of 10 years to make a great lawyer. Do you agree? If not, then what can the budding lawyers do in order to save precious time of their lives. There is no specific time to become a great lawyer. However to become a great lawyer, you need to work hard and devote time. This profession having so much to read and learn will obviously require long time to become a great lawyer.
  • Q: Is LLM an absolute necessity to become a great lawyer? LLM is not at all absolutely necessary to become a great lawyer. Though, LLM gives your personal and professional life a lot of change and confidence.
  • Q: We have a very small number of female lawyers in India. What is your take on that? Do you want to see more women joining the profession? Time has changed. more female lawyers are joining the profession now. but it is still less. i would love to see more female and hard working lawyers in the profession.


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