Virtual Chambers! The Future of Legal Sector

  • 11-July-2016
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A Chamber is a place where a Lawyer puts up his office. A chamber may be for one lawyer or groups of Lawyers.

It is 2016 and the world is moving towards Internet of Things. Everything, starting from the services of Plumbers to Doctors can be found online. This is not a gimmick, but a need of the hour. The world is fast changing and its time the legal profession witnessed some shift.

At a Lawyer can create and own his personal Virtual Chamber which is then accessible to every single person who has access to the internet.

Gone are the days when Lawyers were hired on a reference basis. The world has changed and so has the way people find and hire lawyers.

At Lawyersofindia, you can set up your chamber and make it the way you like, while at the same time be within the boundaries defined by the Bar Council of India.

The benefits of a having a virtual chamber are not which can be ignored. A physical office can be found and accessed by only a margin of the population which needs a lawyer, while your Virtual Chamber will be open and reachable to the people sitting at a different corner of the world.

With the help of your Virtual Chamber public can have access to basic information about you and thus feel at ease even before seeing you in person.

People can request for an appointment through the portal, send you a message free of cost, and know about your educational and professional qualifications and most importantly your areas of expertise. This not only helps a lawyer but also promotes specialization which is better for the whole Legal Sector.

The public can also benefit by being able to filter the results on the website so that they can reach the exact kind of lawyer they need.

Virtual Chambers are different from Legal Marketplaces. While marketplaces ask the public to pay before they can access the details of the Lawyers, Virtual Chambers are as open as the internet. The public is not asked to submit details or pay before contacting a lawyer, thus increasing the speed and efficiency of the process of hiring a lawyer. Virtual Chambers are the Future of this sector.

If you think it’s going to take many years before Virtual Chambers are a reality, you should check with the local book store and ask how E-Commerce took them by storm. The earth beneath your shoes is slipping.


It is time you took notice!


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